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The polity of the sachem was called a sontimooonk or sachemship.

The members of this polity were those who pledged to defend not only the sachem himself by the institution of the sachemship itself.

Unlike the native inhabitants living in northern Maine and Canada where the annual growing season was insufficiently long to reliably produce maize harvests (and they, as a result, were required to live a fairly nomadic existence Although their habitations were relatively mobile, being made of striplings fixed in a circle in the ground with their tops tied by walnut bark (with hole for smoke from central fire inside), covered with mats of reed, hemp and hides, the one main migration of the entire population of each tribe (including women and children) was a biannual one and took place only from winter residence (in warmer forested areas) to summer habitation (near the cornfields) and back again.

Maize and other cultivated vegetables made up a substantial part of the Ninnimissinuok diet.

He eventually was sent there, where he met an associate of John Smith, Thomas Dermer, who was acting for the London merchants involved in settling New England.

In 1619 Dermer brought Squanto to his native village, which he found to be destroyed by an epidemic.

Jealousy grew between Squanto and Hobomock, another Pokanoket living with the settlers.

As food shortages increased, Bradford relied on Squanto to pilot a ship of English settlers a trading expedition around Cape Cod and through dangerous shoals that only Squanto had experience with.Less the "noble savage" that later myth portrayed him and more a shrewd, practical advisor and dependable, loyal diplomat, Squanto played a crucial role in the survival of the English settlers during their first two years, when they were ill-prepared to cope with the physical and social world they had come to colonize.Even the two Mayflower settlers who dealt with him most closely spelled his name differently: William Bradford nicknamed him "Squanto" while Edward Winslow invariably referred to him by what historians believe is his proper name, Tisquantum.Despite the treaty Squanto helped broker between them, the settlers' governor, William Bradford, had been reluctant to part with Squanto, owing to his value to the colony.

The standoff between the English colonists and the Pokanoket over Squanto increased Native hostilities around the colony's borders.

During that voyage Squanto contracted what the governor called an "Indian fever." Despite their urgent need for food for the colony, Bradford stayed with Squanto for several days until he died.

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